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Public Access to Digital Objects

Step 1: Create Access Copies in ArchivesDirect

When you ingest digital content using ArchivesDirect, you have the option to generate access copies of your digital objects and package them into a DIP (Dissemination Information Package). The DIP has an identical copy of the METS.xml which is also in the AIP (Archival Information Package), stored in DuraCloud. The DIP can be stored for future use or uploaded to an access and/or content management system.

Step 2: Determine Your Access and/or Content Management System

Archivematica, the digital preservation micro-services engine which is at the heart of ArchivesDirect, has been integrated with several public access and content management systems and is amenable to working towards many more integrations over time. Content management and public access systems which are integrated with Archivematica include:

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If you would like to create access copies and manage public access with your ArchivesDirect implementation, contact us to discuss your specific needs. Are you interested in integrations with other access and content management systems, like DSpace, DSpaceDirect or some other system? Let us know!

More Information

For more details about how Archivematica manages access copies, see the Archivematica documentation online.

*AtoM is developed by Artefactual Systems, Inc., alongside Archivematica. AtoM is a web-based, open source application for standards-based hierarchical archival description, public access and content management in a multilingual, multi-repository environment.